Preparing for your Class


 Come well-hydrated and avoid caffeinated products (including green and black teas) a few hours prior to a class. Caffeine dehydrates the body and can increase heart-rate 

Think Light

Eating snacks or meals before a class depends on each student. Some prefer to have an empty stomach, while others may want a snack prior to class. Avoid heavy or greasy meals. Fruit, granola/protein bars, or half a peanut butter sandwich are good options.


Wear clothing that is comfortable to move, stretch, and sweat in. Materials that breathe and wick away moisture are most suitable.

Be On Time

Please be prepared for class 5 minutes prior. Latecomers will not be permitted. Please respect the other students and teacher in the class by being on time.  If you have never been to our studio, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class so that you can fill out paperwork if needed and ask questions. 


Online booking is available and recommended to secure your spot, especially during peak class times. Cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to class. Refunds will not be given unless cancellation is before the 24 hour cutoff.

Studio Etiquette

Be Ready

Students are requested to be in class, on their mats, and prepared to practice 5 minutes before start time. This will help ensure that classes start on time and make it such that you are relaxed and ready.


You must respect silence within the practice rooms before and after class. The practice rooms are used to centre oneself, meditate, and escape the chaos of daily life. Please respect others that need this time of silence.


We ask that you remain in the practice room throughout the entire class unless there is an emergency. Your instructor will explain what to do if you feel the need to leave the room.


No technology is allowed in the practice rooms. Throughout the rest of the facility, we ask that your phone be kept on vibrate or silent to maintain a peaceful environment for all clients.

You Smell Great!

But, please be mindful of heavy fragrances as heat amplifies odors. We want the practice rooms to be welcoming for all students.


We ask that you leave your valuables at home as Majestic Studio Yoga & Meditation will not be held liable for any items lost or stolen.

Commonly Used Yoga Phrases



Means to yoke, join or unite.  It is the uniting of the body, mind, and spirit, the uniting between the individual and the universal.  Pantanjali describes yoga in sutra 1.2 as “Yoga calms the fluctuations within the mind.” 


Represents the mind, and is a word, syllable, or group of words or syllables repeated in the mind to help cultivate deep focus, while invoking a deity, feeling, way of being, or intention. 


Means “To Become Familiar With”, and is the practice of complete concentration when the mind is fully focused on a single point, whether that be a mantra, an object, the breath, the body, or simply observing the flow of thoughts within the mind. 


The word chakra translates into wheel and chakras are wheel like vortices of energy within the subtle plane of existence, which help to assimilate and organize prana, or life force energy.  Our 7 primary chakras are located in the body following the line of the spinal column from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head, which assist in governing different aspects of our life. 


(na-mah-stay) – A Hindu salutation that means, “I bow to you”, and used as to close a yoga class, with the honorable expression of “The divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you.”  Namaste is always offered with Anjali or prayer mudra, sealing the palms in front of the heart.   


The universal sound, often used to close a yoga practice, and when broken down has 3 syllables, each representing their own specific function.  “Ah” represents creation, “Ooo” represents preservation, and “Mmmm” represents transformation.